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Obsidian Entertainment is best known for its top-notch games. Which are New Vegas and the outer worlds, The latest venture of games is left field that is grounded. On this guide we will make you follow to get Grounded Free Download by using a redeem code on Xbox One. The game is based on a survival adventure game where the player’s size is like an ant and the size of the patches of grass is buildings. So here is a review of game Grounded Xbox on PC version including the gameplay when releasing.

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Grounded Gameplay:

When the Obsidian Entertainment announce it was grounded on the Xbox’s X019 event on November 14, 2019. In this event, they also described the general themes of the game and the experience that developers want to create. On the development of the games, they do not shred much information.

This game is mainly going to develop an early access program on both Xbox One and PC. This is complete through the developer after getting the player feedback on the error bug fix. And new builds before games’ official release. The Grounded games are create by a very small team that has only 13 people and it is also a very much passion project for Obsidian.

The Game is very simple. In this game you are a player and your size is like an ant, now you need to survive in a hostile world of crawlies and oversized environments. The storyline of this game is based on honey. I shrunk the kids from 1989.

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In these games, you will find the biggest threats such as spiders, ants, and bumblebees. The ant just tries to carve out an existence down in the undergrowth. When you are playing with the other players then it will encourage you, as you communicate with them and stockpile resources together. In the demo of the game, you are not alone there. As concerned with the demo crafting is the main gameplay mechanic. In this game, it is very clear that playing as a solo player or as a friend.

You can see both as a pro and a con depending on your preference that crafting is not too complicate. For any game building, a base is essential, and protecting your nest from the aggressive enemy will allow you to take more time for researching. It will be helpful for you to build up an arsenal of weapons and resources. Follow the above guide to get Grounded Free Download in your Xbox One game.

Game Graphics:

In this short demo, the map of the game is quite expensive. However the different areas require different techniques to tackle everything in the game. From the watery mess next to a hosepipe after it the spider-infest area that will be play like a dark soul’s boss battle.

From the beginning, the graphics, music, and UI of the game definitely need work. The textures of the game are still a bit rough. The general sound effect of this game is clear but the background music is a little bit harsh. The UI is not as easy to understand your resources or the map. The solo game grounded it all about surviving like heading your first trip into the world of Ark or Rust.

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